Giving your cat a tablet

You can either hide a tablet in food or a treat or give it to your cat directly, if he/she will not take it in food.

If you are giving a cat tablets directly, sit/kneel on the floor, place the cat between your legs with its bum against your legs (so that it can’t go backwards).

Take the tablet in your right hand (if you’re right handed) and tilt the cat’s head back with your left hand. You will notice the lower jaw open slightly.

Place the tablet as far back as you can in the cat’s mouth, and hold it’s mouth shut for a short time. Do this as quickly as possible. Your first attempt is usually your best chance to give the tablet.

You may find that rubbing a tiny amount of a food/treat that your cat likes on the cat’s nose will cause it to lick the nose and in doing so it will usually swallow.