Fleas and worms

These unpleasant visitors are an all too frequent occurrence and can occur year round.


Fleas spent a large portion of time in your house and lay their eggs in the environment, as well as on your pet, and they will go all over your house, even into rooms the pet doesn’t go into. Dog fleas can bite humans and cats.

Fleas can cause an allergic reaction in dogs (and humans) causing the pet to lick or scratch at itself and do a lot of damage to its skin.

Fleas can be picked up from other dogs, cats or wildlife.


Worms can be picked up from the environment from other dog’s faeces, or by eating slugs and snails.

Roundworm can be passed to humans, often children and can occasionally even cause blindness.

Lungworm is an important parasite of dogs in this area. Dogs become infected when they eat slugs or snails that are infected with the parasite. A dog may accidently ingest a small slug when eating grass, drinking from an outside bowl or puddle or playing with a toy that’s been left outside.

Lungworm will cause progressive signs of breathing and heart problems – cough, exercise intolerance, difficulty breathing, and weight loss. It can also cause spontaneous bleeding as the clotting process is impaired.

We can advise you as to the best parasite prevention for your pet, this may depend on lifestyle, whether you have a predominantly indoor or outdoor pet, whether your dog swims a lot, if you have children etc.

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