How to brush your dog’s teeth

You can get a toothbrush especially for dogs or a finger brush (a brush that goes over your finger) or even a soft toothbrush (suitable for babies). Use animal not human toothpaste – it’s too high in fluoride.

Get your dog used to having their mouth handled. Spend a few minutes, a few times a day, encouraging your pet to let you lift their lip so you can see their teeth and then open their mouth gently. Rub your finger over the outside of their gums. Get use to looking at your dog’s mouth and teeth – learn to know what’s normal for them.

Get them use to the taste of the toothpaste (poultry flavoured). And reward them afterwards – cuddles or a treat.

Gradually introduce the toothbrush; just let them eat a bit of toothpaste the first time. Brush the outside part of the teeth once the next time, gradually build up the amount of time you spend brushing, until you’re brushing their teeth as you would your own.

Brush the teeth daily – the same as you would your own. This will help prevent the build-up of tartar and gum disease (gingivitis).