Office Support

Svandis Sigjonsdottir, Alver Veterinary Group

Svandis Sigjonsdottir

Practice Administrator

Svandis joined Alver Veterinary Group as an administrator in 2010 and is now the senior practice administrator. She deals with all the administration, account queries and the general day-to-day running of the practice.

She thoroughly enjoys her job as no day is the same and gets to work with a wonderful team of people.

Amanda Harcombe, Alver Veterinary Group

Amanda Harcombe


Amanda has been working for Alver Veterinary Group in a duel role as administrator/receptionist since 2014. Before this she was a very regular and happy customer for over 25 years.

Amanda loves working behind the scenes and cannot imagine working anywhere else. Her role is varied and no two days are the same which means she gets up everyday with a smile, ready to start a new day. Amanda also gets the privilege of seeing customers’ cute and cuddly animals of all sizes and ages.

Her spare time is taken up by her vast array of animals and her children.