Support Staff

Mary Collins, Alver Veterinary Group

Mary Collins

Laboratory Technician

Mary is the laboratory technician for Alver Veterinary Group and has been working at Alver since June 2001. She qualified from University of Portsmouth with a BSc (hons) in Biomedical Science in June 2001.

Mary is responsible for the running of the laboratory which is in our Gosport branch. Her job is to test samples in-house, despatch samples to external laboratories and import emailed results from our external laboratories onto client records. She routinely tests blood samples on our in-house analysers and looks at blood smears, skin samples and urine under the microscope.

Mary is a mum of two grown up children, has three cats, four chickens, lots of tropical fish and an allotment.

Hannah Downing, Alver Veterinary Group

Hannah Downing

Kennel Maid

Hannah has worked at Alver Veterinary Group since 2006 and enjoys working with animals very much.

Outside of work she likes to go for long walks with her dog Reggie.

Prior to working at Alver she had a career working with horses and owned her own pony for 22 years.

Jordan Kershaw, Kennel Maid at Alver Veterinary Group

Jordan Kershaw

Kennel Maid

Jordan joined Alver Veterinary Group in 2017 as a kennel maid, she hopes to train and become a fully qualified nurse in the near future. She loves working with the team. Caring for animals is her passion and she loves that every day is different. Jordan has her own pet, a little Jack Russell named Titchy.

Emily Potter, Kennel Maid at Alver Veterinary Group

Emily Potter

Kennel Maid

Emily joined Alver Veterinary Group in 2017 as a kennel maid. She has recently decided to pursue her passion of working with animals and is looking forward to starting her training as a veterinary nurse.

Emily has a gorgeous Spaniel cross called Bonnie, with whom she enjoys going for long walks in the countryside with.

Hollie Blackmore, Alver Veterinary Group

Hollie Blackmore


Hollie started with Alver Veterinary Group in 2015. She has always been an animal person and is particularly fond of wildlife. She volunteers at a wildlife rescue centre in her spare time and has been fortunate enough to have worked with many species over the years.

Hollie has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Milo who is still a little terror at times, but she loves him for that. She goes for amazing walks with her dog and has little adventures all the time.

She enjoys working with our clients here at Alver, meeting so many little puppies is a high point for her, and meeting other Cavaliers and their owners of course.

Samantha Buckley, Alver Veterinary Group

Samantha Buckley


Samantha has been working at Alver Veterinary Group since 2010. She started off as a trainee nurse at Gosport for a couple of years, but felt she was better at client communication so became a receptionist at our Stubbington branch. Samantha is a very bright and bubbly person who will always welcome everyone with a smile.

She owns three cats, a tortoise and hopefully very soon a chameleon will join her little family with my husband Tom.

Beverly Byrne, Alver Veterinary Group

Beverly Byrne


Beverly has been working at Alver Veterinary Group since 2008 as receptionist. She loves animals, so to work with them is her ideal job.

She likes to walk, as she has three dogs, a Jack Russell, Beagle and a Rottie X South African Mastiff. They are called Millie, Toby and Troy. Beverly spends a lot of time at her field with her two horses, Jupiter and Willow and her geese, chickens and ducks. She also has a rabbit and two guinea pigs.

Rachell Lovell, Alver Veterinary Group

Rachel Lovell


Rachel joined the reception team at Alver Veterinary Group in 2013. She has been a veterinary receptionist since 2007. Rachel is based at the Fareham branch and she said she can honestly say there has not been a day so far that she has not felt like going into work. Rachel thinks she works with a great team and she loves her job and seeing what each day brings, forging relationships with clients and seeing the variety of animals that come through the door.

Outside of work she’s a mum to one scruffy dog, two daughters and three chickens. When not working, or taking her youngest daughter to swimming or brownies or after school clubs or dog/cat sitting she tries to actually sit down, which is not often!

Rebecca Martin, Alver Veterinary Group

Becky Martin


Becky has worked at Alver Veterinary Group since 2004. Originally she was a trainee nurse, but decided to become a receptionist when she had her children, but one day would like to do her training. Becky could not see herself working in a job without animals. She has previously been assistant manager in a pet shop and before that was studying animal management at college.

Since working here Becky has rehomed many strays but has downsized the animal numbers to three Chihuahuas (Pepe, Chica and Lulu), two cats (Ginger and Gypsy) and a three-legged rescue dog called Potato.

Becky has always loved animals and started off with about nine rabbit hutches when she was living at home where she bred French Lops for a few years as well as Dwarf Lops and Guinea Pigs.

Liane Rix, Alver Veterinary Group

Liane Rix


Liane is a receptionist at our Stubbington branch, and has been working there since 2012. The thing Liane loves about her job is meeting our clients and their animals. Also she thinks she is very lucky to work with such a great team of people.

She has two dogs of her own and in her spare time she likes nothing more than spending time with them and taking them for nice walks.

Kirsty Taylor, Alver Veterinary Group

Kirsty Taylor


Kirsty has worked at Alver Veterinary Group since 2011 as a receptionist. She likes working here as she loves animals.

Kirsty has a Shih Tzu, a Chihuahua and two cats that are her fur babies.