Veterinary Nurses

Lesley Brown, Alver Veterinary Group

Lesley Brown RVN

Head Nurse

Lesley was the first ever qualified veterinary nurse at Alver Veterinary Group and is still here as head nurse over 40 years later. Lesley likes the diversity of the job and is still enjoying it after all these years.

She has had many animals over the years, cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. She currently has three rescue cats.


Mikalea Gilford RVN

Deputy Head Nurse

Mikaela first started as a kennel maid in 2006, and then went on to train as a veterinary nurse, qualifying in 2014.

Her favourite parts of the job are working in the lab and theatre. Mikaela mostly enjoys assisting with orthopaedics by either scrubbing in or maintaining the masses of equipment that’s goes with it.

At home she has a one eyed monster of a cat called Toulouse.

Lee-Ann Peach, Alver Veterinary Group

Lee-Ann Peach RVN

Deputy Head Nurse

Lee-Ann is deputy head nurse at the Gosport branch and qualified in 2005. She has worked at Alver Veterinary Group since 1996, starting at the age of 15.

Lee-Ann’s favourite part of the job is working in the operating theatre monitoring anaesthetics, assisting with operations and taking X-rays.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her son and walking her Jack Russell, Lexi.

Victoria Dyke, Alver Veterinary Group

Vicky Dyke RVN

Vicky started at Alver Veterinary Group in 1997, starting with work experience and then going on to full-time employment. She has been a qualified veterinary nurse since September 2004. She loves the practical side to her job and that each day is different.

Amanda Hellier, Alver Veterinary Group

Amanda Hellier RVN

Amanda started working at Alver Veterinary Group in August 2006. She is a registered nurse and qualified in 2013. She has always had a love of animals.

Amanda has been working with animals for the past 20 years. This includes the RSPCA and a boarding kennel and cattery. She is a foster mum for the RSPCA and always has kittens and the occasional litter of rabbits. She has an array of rescued pets at home, including her beloved German Sheppards, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. She enjoys all aspects of her job and is constantly learning new things.

Sally Kingston, Alver Veterinary Group

Sally Kingston RVN

Sally is a registered veterinary nurse, qualified in 2009. She has been working at Alver Veterinary Group since 2011, where she runs the diabetic clinics and puppy parties at our Stubbington branch.

Sally currently has one delightful cat, Ali and two children. She enjoys reading, swimming, going on family outings and eating cake.

Louise Layzell, Alver Veterinary Group

Louise Layzell RVN

Louise qualified in 2011 as a veterinary nurse, but has worked for Alver Veterinary Group since 2001, starting at the age of 14.

You will often see Louise running Nurses Clinics which include Weight Clinics, Diabetic Clinics and Puppy Parties. She loves seeing how much the pets improve with our help.

In her spare time she enjoys making cakes and walking her dog, Axel.

Samantha Pearson, Alver Veterinary Group

Samantha Pearson RVN

Samantha has been working at Alver Veterinary Group since 2012, and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2015.

She enjoys horse riding and has two horses, along with three rescue cats, a tortoise and a Golden Retriever.

Sadie Evans, Alver Veterinary Group

Sadie Evans


For Sadie the best part of her job is the variety it brings each day, which may be why she has worked for Alver for over 25 years.

At home Sadie has a cat named Bongo and a blind Pug named Frieda, which are both rescues through work. When she’s not at work she enjoys spending time with her family.

Kathryn Allison, Alver Veterinary Group

Kathryn Allison SVN

Kathryn has been working for Alver Veterinary Group since 2013, and is currently training as a veterinary nurse. She likes working at Alver due to her friendly colleagues and the satisfaction of helping animals.

Kathryn has one dog herself at the moment called Pepper. Pepper can be a handful and takes up majority of Kathryn’s time when she’s not working or revising.

Christie Buxcey

Christine Buxcey SVN

Christie has been working at Alver Veterinary Group since 2014 and started her veterinary nurse training in 2016. She works at both Stubbington and Gosport branches.

Christie thinks one of the highlights of this job is running Puppy Parties at our Stubbington branch as she gets to see the shy little puppies gain confidence.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Bertie and Li Li.

Amber Goggan, Alver Veterinary Group

Amber Coggan SVN

Amber has been working at Alver Veterinary Group since 2013, starting off as a weekend kennel maid and she is currently a trainee veterinary nurse. She has always loved animals and wanted to work with them ever since she was young.

Working at Alver has given Amber the chance to see so many different things she never imagined she would see, and offers her plenty of options and opportunities for her future. Amber is extremely happy in her place of work and looks forward to qualifying.

Anne Garoghan, Alver Veterinary Group

Anne Garoghan SVN

Anne joined Alver Veterinary Group in 2013. She is currently a student veterinary nurse attending MYF Training in Aldershot.

She has a Springer Spaniel called Ben. Anne enjoys the variety of her job as everyday is different and she gets to learn new skills.

Tilly Harcombe

Tilly Harcombe SVN

Tilly started with Alver Veterinary Group in 2016 as a trainee nurse who is looking forward to starting the challenge of becoming a fully qualified nurse.

Tilly has a vast number of animals, ranging from hamsters and rabbits to reptiles and dogs.