Hospital facilities

Orthopdaedics at Alver Veterinary Group

Diagnostic equipment

We have digital X-ray facilities in Gosport, and Stubbington. This allows us to take top quality X-rays and get instant results. We can see if your pet’s leg is fractured or if they have swallowed a stone, among other things.


We have ultrasound machines in Stubbington and Gosport, which allow us to evaluate your pet’s organs such as livers, kidneys, and intestines and we can check if they are pregnant.

Laboratory equipment

Our in-house lab can check your pet’s blood to see how their major organs are working. We can check if they are anemic and for certain diseases. This gives us quick access to results, so we can start treating your pet straight away.

We can evaluate urine for infection (cystitis) or glucose (a sign of diabetes).

We also send samples to an external lab for some more complex tests.

Kennels, cattery and isolation

We have a range of kennel sizes to suit all animals. We have separate dog and cat wards, to minimize stress, and an isolation area to keep animals with potentially infectious diseases separate.