The final visit

Unfortunately, the time to say goodbye to a beloved pet will come eventually. Our vets will spend time with you deciding when the time has come, and will explain the process to you in detail. Euthanasia is usually very quick, painless and peaceful.

You may decide to stay with your pet, or we can give them a cuddle for you. An injection is given into a vein, which acts very quickly, and your pet will drift off.  Occasionally we will sedate an animal before euthanasia. This is only necessary if a pet is very wriggly or poorly. The vet will listen afterwards to make sure the heart has stopped.

You may decide to take your pet to bury at home or you may decide to have them cremated, either with other pets or by themselves, in which case the ashes may be returned to you.

We do understand this is a very upsetting time for you and try to support you through it as best we can.

If you have lost a pet and need somebody to talk to, the Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support service is available to help.